To those who have taken the time to share their kind words with us, we thank you and we are madly in love with you. 

"I just want to thank Jeff and the staff at solid K9 training. I just attended the ecollar rv seminar, and I've done the board and train, along with utilizing your free videos, and Im just so grateful for all that you guys do and all the information you make readily available. I love the way you put the power in the dog owners hands and show us how to step by step communicate with our dogs with varying tools. Because of your work Im able to have the best dog he can be. I was able to take my dog with me across the country, we're able to go offleash and he knows boundaries with people and other dogs. Being able to see each person work with their dogs with their own issues was just incredible and even helped me with my own dog. It really just shows that theres so many different ways to get results with your dog and that there's always hope if you take accountability and really put in the effort to work with your dog. Having Jeff be such a balanced person and trainer just made me want to strive to be a better person for regular life and for the life of my dog. You all are amazing."

-Liz N.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all the knowledge and confidence building that I got from attending your seminar this past weekend. Yesterday Violet (the white pitbull) and I went walking with the remote collar for the first time. We had worked some in the backyard before leaving my property to help prime us both. For the first time ever, she gave me eye contact while walking down the sidewalk, which she normally only will do if she sits since I won’t start moving again until she does. Today, I didn’t use the prong collar to correct her for anything, it was all with the e-collar, and she responded well. We walked past the middle school about 10 minutes after it got out, so there were lots of kids milling around, bicycles, and although she looked several times, she never drifted from heel next to me and I could use a quick tap on the momentary button at working level to get her looking forward. I have not met and passed another dog on the sidewalk as of yet, but I am confident that we will be able to without her acting on her naughty thoughts with a little practice. I was amazed that she could sit and down so close to other reactive dogs during the seminar and noticed in the video posted today of you walking the reactive shepherd, how as she grew uncomfortable with the dog walking so close she adjusted her position and looked at me instead. That is great progress in so little time and I am so glad I was able to attend. Thank you so much, you have helped to create a whole new world of possibilities for my dog. 

It was a great pleasure to meet you in person, and safe travels for the rest of your tour.

I will promise to send you a photo (in the near future, haha, not this week) of Violet downed at an outdoor cafe somewhere here in Vista, something that over the past several months with her dog reactivity I didn’t have the courage to even contemplate doing with her, and would never have actually done without attending the seminar. That photo will have the caption “ Impossible becomes possible after meeting Jeff Gellman. Accomplishing that will be a great moment for me and Violet."

— Heather Brow

“Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training’s RV seminar this past weekend was truly one of THE best experiences of my life and sharing it with my training partner Jana Maresh and her board and train Basset Isabelle was the icing on the cake! Jeff is amazing to watch and his rapport with people is incredible. In two days all of the dogs were changed for the better and everyone there walked away with more powerful knowledge and confidence. Thank you Jeff Gellman for everything you do for dogs and people everywhere!!!”

— Julie Starns and Jana Maresh

"The reason I drove 2.5 hours to this seminar is because my dog wanted to attack every dog we walked by on the street. So it was either a) return him to the shelter like the previous TWO owners did b) never let him leave my house or c) actually do something to FIX the problem. That’s how I found Jeff. And guess what — I’m taking my dog on successful walks now. Training, dedication, pays off. Follow up 2 days after seminar: Guess what Jeff? I took my dog on a structured walk last night with the ecollar and my new skills I learned over the weekend. We live in a very historic town that is extremely dog friendly, there are always a ton of dogs being walked on the streets. I used to have to zig zag, arc wayyyy around them, cross the street, control my lunging 90 pound dog. Last night we walked past SO MANY DOGS, something we have never done before, and after about 3 dogs I didn’t even have to use the ecollar anymore. Just walked on by with Riggs looking up at me or straight ahead. No lunging. No growling. No barking. I was in tears but this time they were happy tears...much better than that night I didn’t think it would ever get any better. And what a simple concept. THANK YOU."

— Julie Barber

"Hi Jeff, I attended your RV training this past weekend. As a foster mom through Last Hope K9, I was so thankful that you gave us the opportunity to attend this session (for free to boot!). My only disappointment is that I didn’t get to go earlier (I’ve been fostering for over a year)! I really enjoy fostering and have taken on some of our tougher-to-place fosters to help put them in the position to be successful in their furever homes. Your guidance on how to approach different situations has been invaluable. Your interpretation of dogs’ actions (whining, jumping, etc) was eye opening. I cannot thank you enough for not only your generosity this past weekend, but also your generosity to our entire group. It was an honor to meet you and attend the seminar. I can’t wait to practice my new learnings with my dogs as well as my future foster dogs!"

— Maura

"I had the pleasure of hosting Jeff Gellman’s RV seminar in June 2016. As a new trainer, this was the first seminar I have hosted and I have to say I am so happy with everything. Jeff is truly an amazing trainer and person, he is kind and genuinely cares about owners and dogs. Jeff was more then willing to give advice and insight to any questions, as well as expressing his interest in what we offer. Hosting the seminar also gave my new business a boost in awareness, Jeff happily promoted me and the facility. I have since been contacted by people who may have otherwise not known about the services I offer. I would gladly host Jeff again and again, not just because of what I took away from the seminar but also because of how comfortable and welcoming Jeff made me feel. Thank you to Jeff and his assistant Lauren for making my first time hosting a training seminar a delight. From discussing dates to finalizing everything, everyone was incredibly friendly and accommodating. "

— Jordan Dermo, Sakura K9 Inc.

"Jeff is an asset to the dog behavior world. He is fair, knowledgable and able to work with the worst cases. He’s able to help dogs that otherwise would be euthanized. Just went to his “RV Dog Trainer” seminar in Florida, and so thankful I did. I’m a trainer, so I came looking for more tools and the knowledge that I can help some of the same dogs. If you’re a trainer looking to do more behavior rehab, I highly recommend going to this seminar. One day I’ll make it to a T3! Thanks Jeff, you rock!”

— Melody Owens

"I took a weekend seminar in Fergus Canada with Jeff last weekend. When I got there I was shaking a bit because I was so nervous that my dog would be bad, I was a bad owner, a bad handler, and I felt hopeless. When I took my dog to get his first shots at 10 weeks, the vet told me he was concerned that I basically had a “bad puppy” that was going to grow up to be a “bad, uncontrollable dog”. I let that yahoo get in my head and I spent the next three years afraid and paranoid that my dog would hurt someone. (Never me, I was never afraid for myself). I went through 3 training facilities before this one and heard nothing but excuses from the trainers because he was a German Shepherd and this was the way it was. Jeff helped me see that he’s an AWESOME dog and I had nothing to be afraid of. And as soon as my mindset changed, my dog changed. It’s been two days and I already have the most amazing dog and I know he’s capable of being even better. Thank you so very much. Sometimes it’s not the dogs behavior that’s the problem."

— Kori Rogers

"Attending Jeff’s 2 day RV seminar was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done for not just my dog, but my own peace of mind. Jeff helped me to control Willard and offer the discipline I couldn’t do alone, but also gave me the tools I needed to continue moving forward with his training. Not only did I walk away with more knowledge than I had ever expected, but I also was able to network with other great dog trainers in my area and am now working with someone I met at the seminar! The price is well worth the money.”

— Tiffany Nicole

"It has taken my a while and a few attempts to write a review about attending Jeff's seminar in Ottawa. The reason being is I am having a hard time putting into words how much he has changed my life. Before attending the seminar I had heard many things about this man, mostly training gossip among other trainers and people in our industry. Therefore I attended the seminar with no expectations at all really. I figured I would see him put way to much pressure on dogs and see his ego take over training. This is what I had been told about his seminars and overall personality. Wow. That could not be farther from the truth. Jeff was amazing with every dog and client who attended the seminar. He was patient, kind and explained things to people in a way they could really understand and implement in their training programs at home. Everyone who attended was very please with Jeff and the results training had on their dogs in simply two days. 

Now Jeff as a person , amazing. Jeff has taught me so much and given me the confidence to put myself out there. He has been so supportive and keeps in contact with me to ensure my success. Why? I have no idea, he isn't getting anything out of it. He seriously just likes to help people. That's what makes him so amazing. He is in this business to help people succeed and see things in a different light. 

With all Jeff's help I have already double my clientele and I am rocking it in business now. I still have a ton to learn and will never stop learning. Jeff gave me the inspiration and the hope that I can do this. In this industry we ALL need that from time to time. We need the support and help from colleagues. Jeff is always ready and willing to help me. Even when he is traveling and super busy, he makes the time. That is the key word, he makes the time. 

Amazing person and I am really fortunate to be able to call him a friend. Thanks, Jeff."

— Cher Wood, Ottawa

"Have you ever been dressed down, called "colorful" names and told never to take your dog in public again? I have. And, although my three dogs are small, a collective bad reaction to someone's off-leash dog can knock me to the ground. I've been a conscientious dog owner, I've taken classes, read training books and diligently practiced what every expert I've employed has promised would work and my naughtiest dog has her CGC! Imagine a place where everyone supports your goal, respects you, a place where you are not judged harshly for your dog's behavior and someone will generously share decades of training experience with logical step-by-step sequences of training. This was my experience at Jeff's seminar. Every handler brought a different challenge, each dog a different history and Jeff was eager and able to teach through every challenge. I'm focusing on being quiet with my dogs. Contrary to what we've been told, it's of no benefit to them to receive constant praise and chatter. This week we are working on eye contact and default sits. Quietly. Calmly. Publicly!" 

— Gratefully,  Mardi on Maui

"I wanted to take a minute and thank you - personally - for spending the weekend sharing your knowledge and skills with a group of dog lovers at the beginning of April.  I was one of those participants in Mansfield, and I brought my dog, Ruby, with me. I imagine that you come into contact with so many people and their pets that remembering one or two is hard to do ... but I will not soon forget the game changing information and tips I learned from you.  

I have been working with both of my dogs since finishing your RV Seminar although I only brought Ruby with me. I wish I had more time to work with them, but I give them what I can and, so far, I have seen some significant improvement in both. 

Ruby especially has been responding well to my work with her.  I am extremely happy with the improvement in her behavior (with the e-collar) as it relates to her ability to socialize appropriately with other dogs .... I have been SO SUPER impressed. In fact......I took her Sunday to a fundraising event for the rescue where I adopted her. They had a 5K walk and she was wonderful (as she usually is - ON WALKS). But the event was teeming with dogs all over the place. While we walked in and around them before and after, she was great.   

Later on the same day I had her at a local store that was also holding a fundraiser for another rescue and Ruby spent some quality time meeting another dog (face to face) with the least amount of interest I have ever seen in her. I was really pleased and am so happy that she is making better choices around other dogs.  

I went to my regular pack walk last night (have not been there in about 5 weeks) and the trainer said he thought she was doing great.   She was able to sit next to me while I had a conversation with someone else and was just minding her own business. She sniffed at the other person's dog but never got snarky at all.

In other words, I can't thank you enough for giving me the faith in Ruby that she deserves and for giving me the tools to use to help guide Ruby into being a better and more calm dog around other dogs. Your weekend in Mansfield was SO worth the time and expense.  Getting to meet you and learn from you have been a great pleasure.   

THANK YOU for helping me with my dogs." 

— Anne Rucker (Oberlin, Ohio)


"I attended the RV Trainer seminar in Rhode Island with my lab/cow Josie. My expectations were that Josie and I could gain a comfort level walking, being and existing around other dogs. Josie was raised in a dog park, socialized from puppyhood. After a few reactive incidences, I lost all confidence and was not enjoying the things I had done with Josie in the past. Josie went as many places as possible as a family dog. Not only was I NOT enjoying having Josie in public places, I was a nervous wreck about the possibility of dogs attacking Josie and then having Josie react.  Jeff, you have changed our lives ... and I can hear you saying, "No, you are changing your lives." But without your videos, Periscopes, and then RV Training, I would not have gotten my confidence back ...

I had been to trainers who told me Josie could never be around dogs again ...totally unrealistic, irresponsible and not helpful information. I also paid a heck of a lot more money for them to tell me that! ... During our weekend training, you said, "We have to help people who are struggling with their dogs." That statement helps me to have more empathy for others as well as myself. All your positive energy inspires me to be the best I can be and to expect the best from Josie. I started following you through social media nine months ago. I was really hesitant to attend a workshop, just scared that I couldn't do the work. I went to Rhode Island thinking, OK, I'll get some basics down and then attend the Philadelphia workshop this summer to really succeed and brush up. It's a heck of a lot closer -- 30 minutes instead of 5 hours. However, I am pretty sure I will have NO reason to attend Philadelphia other than to express my gratitude to you. Jeff, I thank you. Josie thanks you.

You have changed my life and there can be no better feeling in the world than raising, educating, inspiring someone as much as you have helped me."

— Laurie Portner

"What a great seminar! I highly recommend it to any dog owner struggling with any obedience or behavioral issues, or any new dog owner. I foster dogs with behavioral challenges and work towards rehabbing them. I’ve gone to more than several trainings, both group and 1:1, to work with these types of challenges. Jeff’s no-nonsense approach and presentation is not only extremely informative - he’s hilarious and it makes learning fun. I’m already using some of the techniques and tools I learned about this weekend with AWESOME results! Will definitely attend future seminars for a refresher."

— Caroline Driscoll

"I could not be more impressed with Jeff and his techniques. As a new dog trainer, I’m constantly looking to add to the toolbox my wife and I brought our personal dogs to his RV seminar at his facility and he was awesome! He has such an amazing feel for a dog’s energy and a natural way of communicating with owners to help them help their dogs! Thank you for all of the wisdom Jeff Gellman! It is truly appreciated!!"

— Michael Bynres